Studio Kaisa Amalia’s work include interior architecture, product design and identity design.

Interior Architecture

We design spaces where the positive human experience and well being is valuable, like offices, restaurants, boutique shops, cafés, medical lounges, salons etc. Our mission is to make your business bloom through genuinely happy and committed end-customer.

Our interior design process always starts by listening, watching and careful research. For the best result we need to understand the existing space: it’s story, future possibilities and the character of the space.

We do background analysis and positioning before ideation. After background studies creative process starts by creating a spatial strategy. It is based on analytical thinking about peoples behaviour in the space. We explore what is the nature of the space, what is it’s  current stage and what we really want to achieve.

We use sketches, material boards, perspective drawings or what ever it takes to visualise the wanted result - and the vision created together with the client. Used tool palette and delivered materials always depends on the project. We look what serves the intent best. Ready plans cover plan drawing with all the functions and furniture and material lists and also other technical drawings if needed.

We keep our clients up to date the expense and the steps we take. We also keep contact to constructors to accompany on the realisation of our design - just for the best end result. Besides the successful outcome, the smooth and controlled process is important to us.

Product Design

We design products and whole concepts for different types of industries. We do small series, big series and measure made to order.

Our design includes all sorts of utensils like furniture, lighting, glassware, ceramics, books etc. Items used in different living conditions in homes, offices or public spaces.

Careful study and background analysis takes place at the beginning. We start the process by getting to know the situations and places objects are used. We investigate who are the users and how they use things. What they need and what they desire.

For visualising the wanted end result we use sketches, mock-ups and 1:1 prototypes. Ideation starts from the drawing table but rapidly go towards creating the prototypes with the professionals in industry or with the skillful craftsman.

Identity Design

Every element of your business needs to give same authentic and positive experience - in all levels - where ever people confront it. Building an identity is not just a graphic design, it is a part of business strategy. It is a holistic process.

We create concepts with new businesses and refresh existing ones. Our clients operate on both b2b or b2c sector. We believe in the power of true stories. We don’t change anything just for change. We use time to research and understand what makes your business what it genially is. We want to bring out the best version of it.

Each project needs it’s own elements - physical and digital - through what it can be realised to people. Identity design includes for example positioning, story brightening, naming, logo and colour palette design, typography, webpage design, physical elements design such as business cards and other stationary or interior design. Identity design can be service design where we create a service concept, or it can be clothing design for uniforms. The combination variates always depending on your needs. With our multidisciplinary collaborators from different fields of design we can deliver the needed elements that work together.

Happy and committed end customer gained through smooth, clear and memorable service experience is important part of creating an identity. We want to create design that goes straight to peoples heart and soul.


We are striving to be a committed partner for our clients and partners. We value dialogue and co-operation with passionate people.